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Friday, August 31, 2012

flash friday

Let’s rewind time a bit, shall we? Liam and I kick started last weekend with a “slumber party” last Friday
night while Andrew was at a NY Giants game.
the set up
  Then on Saturday we hit that dusty trail and drove down to the Dutchess County Fair. We witnessed ever type of food you could possibly think of, deep fried.We also came across something called the Texas Parfait…which I deeply regret not getting it to eat nor a photo of. Sadly, I learned of this delicious meal after I ate my tomato salad…so lame. Who eats a tomato salad at a fair? I'll admit, it was amazing.

Spend a lot of money to win the smallest stuffed animal ever created. The X-large sign above Liam's head is a total scam.
 Sunday we hit up a local beach and soaked up some vitamin d.
let there be sun!

 The week was filled with lots of work, a stomach bug for Liam, and now here we are back to Friday again. And it is a 3 day weekend.
 And Liam will start preschool on Tuesday.
Adios Toddlers!

And we celebrated at home with red velvet cuppy cakes....and soon learned that Liam and red dye is a true recipe for Liam to go bat shit crazy...true story.
the calm before the storm

Friday, August 24, 2012

flash friday

This week has been a bit busy...but there was lots of good stuff to wrap up the week.
 Andrew's birthday was Thursday.
Dinner at Dinosaur BBQ. 
Andrew scored tickets to the NY Giants pre-season game tonight.
And I got this in Liam's mail box when I picked him up from school today:

Liam will start Preschool as of Tuesday 09/04! I know he has been a bit anxious about this move, as it has been the topic of many discussions. To ease his anxiety & mine, we were very happy to learn that Liam will be going to class 4, which is also the class that 6 of his friends are in! The gang will be reunited!

And tomorrow I am taking the birthday sir and the little sir on an adventure...

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Happy Birthday to my one and only.
Happy Birthday to the guy Liam adores.

Boston Creme for #33!
Happy Birthday, Andrew!
 Liam and I hope this year brings you many laughs, surprise and more love to fill your heart. We love you!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Olive was determined to stay on that chair, even if that means she had to hang on.

Friday, August 17, 2012

flash friday

I have been MIA lately. Life is zooming by way too quick and I have not been taking any photos of any of these moments. And I have come to the conclusion there are no photos of just Andrew & I. We are off to a wedding this weekend, and  I hope to be able to capture a few of those shots. I need to teach Liam how to use the camera. asap.
life is just ducky

a day at the track

Emo Liam

Cotton Candy Cake/ mountain for Peter

breakfast on the weekend

All space rangers need love ice cream

Monday, August 6, 2012


Happy Anniversary to the guy who met me at the end of the aisle and said "YES!" seven years ago. It is hard to imagine that I got dressed in white, him in gray, we said the vows, said yes and had a celebration like no other  seven years ago. What a great day that was (& hot!). What a great life we have created since.

Thanks for meeting me at the end of aisle- I love you, Andrew!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

all good things...

must come to an end. We are wrapping up our summer family visits this weekend. I must say that we had a wonderful time with all parties who visited us here at 60 Chestnut Street. I must also say that Liam is going to be totally devastated next week when he back with just Andrew and I. I am going to predict he will be going up to the door and looking out the window, there will be a lot of asking "where are dey?" & "who's here?" and of course he will also miss all those extra hugs and kisses.

From the bottom of our hearts (including Olive's) we thank all of you for coming to NY and visiting. We only wish it could last longer. We love you all and miss all of already!

Liam is blowing extra special kisses to Aunt Izzy, Uncle Mole, Grandma Nan, Grandpa John, Grandma Mary & Grandpa Peter- grab them and put'em in your pockets.

Until next time...