our journey into parenthood & beyond...


We started here...
(well really we started five years before we said "I do")

And almost seven years later were are here...

We have gone from being a couple to becoming a family.

 Andrew and I have grown from being silly college kids to becoming each other's forever, to being home owners, to being the main support for each other, to becoming parents and being co-pilots for our journey we have been blessed with.

 We have watched Liam grow from being a little peanut on the ultrasound pics to an infant that fit into our arms to a baby that could sit up and babble to a toddler who still needs our arms, but barely fits in them anymore. 

We try to stand back and let Liam explore, grow, learn and become his own little person. Mind you, there have been several panic attacks, almost heart attacks, tears, laughs and sighs as we have let him grow into his own little person. He has a lot more growing to go, which also means that Andrew and I also have a lot more growing to do.

Becoming a parent is something I once thought was just something that people did (obviously pre-Liam). I didn't realize how much of a blessing and privilege it is to be a parent. I didn't realize how much I would fall in love with Andrew over and over again as I watched him be a dad. I didn't realize that the amount of love you feel as a parent makes your heart want to explode. Or how much more fun the holidays are with a little one in the home. Or how much responsibility you feel when the eyes of your little one are looking at you and depending on you to make it "all better".  I also didn't realize how much my parents love me until I became the parent and had that amount of love for my child.

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