our journey into parenthood & beyond...

Friday, July 31, 2009


Happy 3rd Birthday to Olive T. P. Gregory!
Andrew and I are hoping this is the year she decides
to slow down a bit
and finally leave the puppy stage in the past.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Another milestone was reached today. Throughout dinner Peanut was practicing his martial arts moves. I suspect the sugar content in the lemonade prompted this movement. During dinner Andrew asked me when he would be able to feel him kick. My reply was "in a few weeks". Well my reply should have been "after dinner, tonight". After dinner he continued with his kicking and moving. Out of curiosity I decided to lay my hand on the belly to see if I could feel anything and I did! It is amazing to feel this movement from the inside, but just unbelievable from the outside. So I called Andrew over to experience the movement. I knew Andrew felt something when his jaw practically dropped to the floor and his eyes got as large as Zeppelin's eyes. A priceless expression that could never be repeated.

Monday, July 20, 2009

name game

When I first found out that I was pregnant Andrew and I started to think of names that we both liked. We got books out from the library and went on line for ideas. If the baby was a girl we had a good idea of what her name would be...well I guess that will need to wait until the next time around. We both had a bunch of boy names that we individually liked, but only a few that we both liked. Boy names were difficult for us. Andrew made it clear that he did not want an Andrew Jr. or even use a name that is close to his (i.e. Anderson) or use his name for a middle name. As of today, we have narrowed the search down to two: Liam or Quinn.

Liam: Unwavering protector
Quinn: Wise

We want our son to have a name that he won't share with ten other kids in his class. While it is understandable that everyone is going to have an opinion about the name that is chosen, Andrew and I have decided that the only opinion that matters is our opinion. We may leave you all in suspense and not share the final decision until birth day...and who knows we could possibly change our minds again and again before then. No matter what we name him, odds are he will be a pistol no matter what!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

going west

On Saturday Andrew, myself, Olive & Zeppelin made a trip to my mom & dad's house. My brother, Angelo, is in town for the week. Since he moved to Nashville I don't get to see him often so it was really nice to see him & catch up. As usual, we had a good time, ate too much food and the dogs went wild running around.

Since neither of our families live close to us, we are in the process of collecting photos of our family to hang in the baby's room. It will give Baby Gregory a chance to be able to see his family every day. Andrew and I can also reference the picture when we tell him a funny story or two about his family (because a newborn will certainly understand this). I am not sure how we are going to do this, whether we use several frames or have a collage made - but it will get done. So I started the process this weekend with taking a photo of Uncle Angelo. (Don't worry, I will get a lot of photos of the Gregory, Engle, Mohler families in August!)

Being Hams

Uncle Angelo

Mom, Angelo, Me & Dad



I have notice an increase in the amount of looks I have been receiving. It usually goes like this: I will catch an individual looking at me, then they will glance at my bump and then look back at me and give me a smile. As long as it stays with looks and does not advance to touching or asking me a billion questions, I am okay with that. Once a stranger enters my personal space, all bets are off!

Last week when Andrew and I were at a store (name left unmentioned) we were looking around and checking out the baby bedding. At one point I was in one section and Andrew was in another (Probably testing out crib matresses...j/k) and a sales woman approached me. She was full of smiles and questions: Is this your first, when are you due, are you having a boy or girl, blah, blah, blah, what can I help you with? I answered all the questions, politely, and told her that I was just looking and that if I had a question I would find her. As I was saying this I noticed that she was staring at my left hand and she wasn't even sneaky about it. I felt very uncomfortable at that moment and wanted to ask her "What would it mean to you if I wasn't married?" But I resisted and gave her a fake smile and left to find Andrew. Hello, it is 2009 not 1929!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

a good day

07.15.09 was a very happy & exciting day. Andrew and I learned that we are going to be parents of a baby boy. We also learned that his brain, heart, limbs, spine & other organs are all developing within the normal range. His heart beat is good and I am carrying him low. When the ultrasound started he lifted his hand to his face and we later saw that he enjoys hanging in the womb with his legs crossed.

Andrew and I also were able to finally meet Dr. Lee, the third( and final) doctor. I would feel comfortable with Dr. Lee being the doctor who delivers the baby when that time comes. Actually I would feel comfortable with any of the three doctors. Dr. Lee informed me that I am anemic, so I've started an iron supplement. I will return in two weeks to see if this is the reason I am retaining fluids. I am keeping my fingers crossed that my low iron levels are the issue and nothing more.

After the doctor's appointment we made another visit to Babies R Us. Yet again upon entering that store I became overwhelmed, sweaty, and anxious. Andrew on the other hand was trying on Baby Bjorn baby carriers, driving strollers around and making himself right at home at BRU. We completed the necessary paperwork to become registered, but still are figuring out what to register for. We found two cribs and dresser sets that we both really liked. We decided to check out the reviews on line once we got home. We learned one crib was recalled and the other was discontinued. So the search for the crib & dressers continues...But we did find an awesome bedding set that we BOTH liked. Now we just need a crib to put it on. Andrew thinks that the more we go to BRU, the more comfortable I will be there -I certainly hope so.

Andrew & Jungle Tales


Sunday, July 12, 2009

half way there

Today marks my 20th week of being pregnant which means I have + or - 20 weeks left. I never thought this milestone would come, but it has and let me tell you it came FAST! I am hoping the remaining weeks go by a bit slower. Another milestone was also reached...I have finally felt the fluttering feeling of the baby moving around. A weird sensation at first, but overall, a wonderful feeling.

I also have to say thank-you to my dear husband, Andrew, for doing a fantastic job of painting the nursery. He spent a majority of the weekend painting. I tried to help by putting up the painters tape, but was quickly dismissed from that responsibility....what can I say, I tried.


I have to say that I am pretty floored when I look at these photos. I can't believe that I have grown so much in such little time (and there is a lot more growing to be done!). God only knows how much bigger I will be come 11.29.09.

One day shy of 15wks.

20 weeks

This baby loves ice cream and it shows!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

less than a week

A friend from high school, Brenda, is also pregnant with her first child. Brenda and I joked that our kids will be pen pals, as she lives in Alaska now. Our due dates are about a week apart and yesterday was her big ultra sound. Brenda & her husband learned that they are having a girl!! Congrats! I can only begin to imagine how excited they are. Andrew and I have less than a week before we learn if Peanut is a Miss or Mister. Andrew has a feeling the baby is a girl & I think the baby is a boy. Whether Peanut is a boy or girl, next Wednesday will be an exciting day for us.