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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I just can not say enough how much I am in love with Andrew. While the past two days have been hectic, he has just been wonderful and such a support for me. I appreciate all that he has done for me and I am sure he will be doing a lot more in the next few weeks (esp. if I am put on bed rest). It just makes me wonder how amazing he is going to be as a dad.

Rm 628

Well the past few days can be described as stressful. Monday started out as a "normal" day, but ended the complete opposite. I was at work and noticed that I was spotting late in the afternoon. So I called the OBGYN, who advised me to go to the hospital to pay a visit to the Labor & Delivery (l&d) floor ( good thing we took the hospital tour). I drove directly there from work and met up with Andrew. We were checked in and directed to a room. We were then asked a million questions. I know the importance of these questions, but really, do you need to know right this minute if my baby is going to be circumcised while I have a thousand thoughts of fear running through my mind.

So after some exams, an ultrasound (which was amazing to see how much bigger he is and how much more he resembles a human), listening to his heart (which was described as "beautiful"), checking me for contractions (negative!), there really wasn't a clear explanation of why this happened (frustration!). The doctors think it may have to do with my history of high blood pressure. Okay...so what does that mean? Basically there is a possibility of the placenta beginning to separate from my uterus. But when it starts to separate, it is extremely hard to see this on an ultrasound, unless it is a HUGE separation. So the doctors can not be 100% that this is the issue( the ultrasound did not show any visible separation). So in case it is, I was given 2 shots of steroids to help strengthen the baby's lungs (holy stinging), in case I go into labor early. In case he is born premature. Which is frightening, but at the same time I don't want his health or safety to be compromised.

So I was wheeled down to Rm. 628. Which I learned was the high risk pregnancy section of the l&d floor. In my mind, I could not believe that I went from worrying about how many stretch marks are showing up on my belly to being labeled as "High Risk". The next morning I was seen by Dr. Jacobs, one of my docs. He said that myself and the baby are considered to be "stable". He told me that I would need to be out of work for at least a week. He would make the determination of whether or not this will be extended for the remainder of the pregnancy at my next appointment (Thursday). While this was an extreme disappointment to me, I know that this situation is not about just me anymore.

I made a deal with the baby. I told him that he could make as many stretch marks on my belly as necessary if that meant he would stay in the womb for as long as he needed to be. I hope he keeps his part of this deal.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

wk 31

So here we are, 63 days left, down to single digits in weeks remaining and I swear my bladder is shrinking.
(Please excuse my nasty, faded yoga pants)

Worst Part of this Week: Thinking that I may be experiencing pre-term labor symptoms. Learning that being with child = foot growth.

Best Part of this Week: Learning I was NOT experiencing pre-term labor symptoms. The arrival of the crib. Buying new shoes.

the crib

Andrew did a fantastic job with assembling the crib. It took him less than an hour and I did not hear any swearing-which is always a good sign. Another tasks gets crossed off our "to-do list".

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Doctor appointment today went pretty well. Blood pressure is in check, my bump is right at 30cm, Peanut's heartbeat good and my weight went up 4 more lbs (yes, 4lbs in 2 wks!). After waiting over an hour to actually be seen, I then learned that Dr. Lee had to leave because of an emergency circumcision (ouch!) and he would not be back for another 20 minutes...so I requested to be seen by another doctor or practitioner- which they happily provided. I shared with the practitioner that I have been having this intense pressure feeling in my lower abdomen and it moves down into my thighs. It feels like I have been using a thigh master and will often be more intense at night or after a lot of walking. She said she wanted to check my cervix to make sure I am not experiencing any pre-term labor symptoms (Oh crap). Fortunately, my cervix is closed and all is good (sigh of relief). Most likely it is round ligament pain, but I need to go back in a week to be checked again. In the meantime if I feel any contractions, I should call the office (well duh!). I also shared that often in the morning once I am awake I have noticed that my hands are swollen and it is hard to bend my fingers. Yet another pregnancy side effect I was not aware of: pregnancy carpel tunnel. So really the only way for this to stop is to give birth. awesome.

These things are expected especially since I have a little over two months left. Next up I am sure will be the disappearance of my ankles. But overall, I am feeling great and lucky.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

the past 15wks.

I wish I had a photo every week since becoming pregnant, but I don't. Here is what I do have:
p.s. As I write this I am getting kicks/punches to the ribs...a bit weird.

wk 15

wk 20

wk 26

wk 28

wk 29

wk 30

wk 30

Can I get a holy crap!?!? Approximately 10 weeks left before meeting our little Peanut. WOW. As excited as I/we are about meeting him, I hope he stays in my comfortable womb for as long as possible. 1. Because of the obvious- his health and ability to survive outside of the womb. 2. There are a lot of tasks that still need to be done before his debut. He has all the control at this point...so it is just the waiting game for me.

So here are the pics from this week. Enjoy! Hopefully next week's photos will include a crib.

The bedding!

30wks Loud & Proud!

Soon enough the bump will enter a room before I do

Practice makes Perfect.

Best part of this week: Peanut responding to Andrew's voice. Passing the 3 hr. glucose test!

Worst part of this week: Realizing that I am losing 1. my mobility 2. my ability to do things I was fully capable of doing independently before becoming pregnant

Pizza Pizza

Friday night when Andrew was talking with Peanut. Something he does before bed each night, he usually will rest his head on the bump and ask the baby questions or tell him things. Andrew asked Peanut if he liked "Pizza, Pizza". Peanut replied with a good kick/punch to the side of Andrew's face. Thinking it may have been a coincidence, Andrew asked again and got the same response. So either the baby loves pizza or hates it. Either way, his name won't be Caesar.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hospital Tour

Andrew and I were one of about twenty families that attended a tour of the labor and delivery floor @ Albany Medical Center. It gave us a better idea of what to expect when it is "go time", where to come in, where to park the car, where the vending machines are located and what is and isn't allowed in the delivery rooms. We were able to see one of the possible rooms I will be giving birth in as well as the postpartum rooms for after delivery. AMC encourages the infant to be in the room with his parents as much as possible to promote bonding. Andrew also was able to check out the chair/sleeper he will probably put to use at some point during my stay there. It pretty much was screaming "stiff neck and awful back pain!!!"
We left the hospital with more info than we arrived with; much like when we arrive to welcome our little man into this world, we will be leaving AMC with MUCH more than we arrived with.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

results, again.

I was eagerly awaiting the phone call from the obstetricians' office this morning. So the results are in and I have passed the glucose tolerance test. Woo Freakin' Hoo! While I understand the importance of this test, it is a big relief knowing that I passed. EVEN more important knowing I have not compromised Peanut's health/weight by enjoying my ice cream or cupcakes or skittles.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

a growing love

My favorite family photo so far.
Andrew is going to be an amazing father.

wk 29

My last week in the twenties. This is great. The baby (according to What to Expect...) is about 17 inches long and weighs approximately 3lbs.
As promised, here are the pics to prove that he (& me) are growing:

The standard profile shot

getting acquainted

Favorite part of this week: Getting to hear Peanut's beats at my last monthly appointment. AND feeling him having hiccups for the first time.

Least favorite part of this week: Learning I need to re-do the 3hr. glucose test.


We ordered the crib on Friday! WooHoo. In seven to ten days we will be bringing it home. Which is great since the bedding arrived last week. Something else to add to the nursery and one more thing to cross off our "to do" list.

Friday, September 11, 2009

size 6, no more

My feet have grown since being pregnant. This is not good. The weather is cool in the mornings and I have been trying to introduce close toe shoes back into my wardrobe. It is hard & not going so well. My size 6 feet no longer exist. They have gotten wide and probably could fit into a 7. Ugh. Which means for me I get to buy new shoes- happy dance!! (that to Andrew is the equivalent of finger nails on a chalk board). I will try to wear flip flops and sandals as long as the weather allows. The shoes I am wearing today were one of my favorite and most comfortable pairs pre-Peanut. I am pretty sure they won't be worn again, at least for any length of time over an hour. I wonder if my feet will return to pre-Peanut size at some point. Or is this also one of those things that falls under the category of "your body will never be the same"?

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Last monthly baby doctor appointment today. From here until week 36 I will go every two weeks. And then from wk. 36 and beyond I will go weekly. Woo wee! Before my appointment today I got the pleasure of chugging back another glucose cocktail. Peanut went a bit crazy once that glucose hit him. Results will be ready tomorrow (keep your fingers crossed).

Anyhow, the appointment went well today. I had a bit of a weight gain since my last appointment. I have not gained a pound in the past nine weeks, so I did not feel too awful about gaining six pounds. Okay, maybe a bit guilty. I will admit that Andrew has gone on a few ice cream runs for me in the past couple of weeks. I need all the calcium I can get and it helps with my heartburn. (I know, I know, so do tums and pepcid.) My blood pressure was good and the bump is measuring in at 29 centimeters. His heart was loud & clear. I could also hear him moving around through the doppler. Overall, I will give this appointment two thumbs up! I hope this continues for the next 12 weeks or so.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

wk 28

I am going to try to take a photo of the growth each week until we have a photo of the baby to post. So here is Week #28.

Favorite part of this pregnancy so far: While there are several things I could list here, this week's favorite moment was when I sat and watched my stomach move all around. It is amazing to feel him kick and roll around, but when I actually saw my stomach move because of his movements, it was 1,000 times more amazing.

Least favorite part so far: I can honestly say I don't have many things to list here. I guess I am one of those crazies who enjoys being pregnant. The outburst of heartburn (especially after eating a banana) has the been the worst thus far. I am sure in the coming weeks there will be more to add.

The suprise

So as mentioned before, my father in law and step mom in law surprised me with our shower gift early. It finally arrived on Friday and Saturday we picked the baby up! It looks great in the nursery. Andrew and I are in love with it! Thanks again Peter & Mary.

barefoot & pregnant

barefoot & could not be happier about me being pregnant!

maternity photos

I have been going back & forth about getting maternity photos. On one hand, Andrew has been doing a great job with taking our pics and it is free. On the other hand, having professional photos to document us going from a couple to a family would be priceless. I also have found a photographer that does some really neat work with bellies. I also think that I would regret not taking advantage of this opportunity. Plus it will be a fun day for Andrew and I to spend together.

The photographer likes to take pics of the mama's to be when she is in her 8th month. So, our photos won't be until the end of October....which means I will be very very much pregnant at that point, but the autumn colors for the photos will be good.


So the third and final trimester is finally here! Woo hoo. We still have a lot of things left to do before the big day, but I feel great because we have made a lot of progress this past week.

1. I think we have completed our registry @ Babies R Us. I think we did end up adding more than we need, but did not leave out the essentials (at least I hope not).

2. We found a crib that we both really love and will be great in Peanut's room.

3. Andrew & I have agreed on a name (other than Peanut) for the baby.

4. I am 95% sure we have found a daycare provider for Peanut. The plus is that the location is about 7 minutes away from our house and in a very convenient location for our morning and evening commutes.

5. We ordered the bedding for the nursery. We changed our minds, again (how surprising, right?!?!).

So even though our list is still long, we have crossed off a few this past week. Crossing off items on a to-do list is always a fantastic feeling. Crossing off the next 12 weeks on the calendar will be even more fantastic!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

name game round 2

So Andrew and I are pretty confident that we have finally decided on a name for the baby, other than Peanut. Honestly, Andrew is 100% sure and I am probably at 90%. We have decided that we are going to start to use this name whenever the two of us are speaking about him or something related to him. We want to make sure it feels natural when we say his name and that we like it. Once we feel that it is good to go, we will probably share the name with everyone…although most of you already know it. Picking out a name has been a very difficult decision, for me at least.

peanut account

Andrew and I started a savings/checking account for our little man. The account is in our names for the time being until he is issued a social security number. Once he is born and has a SSN we can switch the account over to his name. There are even kid friendly accounts at the credit union we belong to. We figured there is no better time than now to begin a savings for him.

Additions to 60 Chestnut Street

On Sunday, two additions were added to 60 Chestnut Street…a new washing machine and dryer!! Woo hoo. This is exciting for me, as I am usually the one who does the laundry and complains the whole time. Although Andrew has been helping out quite a bit since the bump has grown larger.

Since moving into our home four years ago I have been WANTING a new washer & dryer (w&d), but we did not necessarily NEED a new w&d. Well on Sunday my want finally turned into a need. I will admit that past few weeks the machine has been making interesting noises, but I tried my hardest to ignore them. The machine stopped, no water had drained, clothes were saturated with water and there was a burning odor filling the basement. Poor Andrew ended up having to shop-vac (what a great purchase) the water out of the machine. Two hours later the dryer finally dried the clothes.

While we did not need to get a new dryer, we went ahead and splurged ( how lame are we to consider this splurging). I will give our old w&d some credit considering they were at least 20 years old (I know we were not being energy smart with those beasts). The additions will be delivered on Thursday and I can say I am looking forward to testing them out. Plus, with all the dirty baby stuff in our future, a new machine and dryer was probably a smart purchase.