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Friday, November 30, 2012

spare time

Spare time? Not so much this week. This week flew by & I am sure the weekend will zip by as well. Lots of updates to make & stories to share. Hope some spare time falls into my lap at some point this weekend. 

the bowling shoes crack me up.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

3yr check up

Liam had his well child visit today. I love his pediatrician's office. The ladies at the front desk always remember him. There is one lady who just adores him and spoils him with many, many stickers (the one sticker rule is out the window with her). Overall, the boy is healthy and doing well. Speech and language eval was requested to have his occasional stutter assessed. Now that he is 3 the referral needs to go through the school district, but I am told it shouldn't be too hard to get that set up. Let's hope not.

I did end up choosing to have him get the flu shot. Lets just say he got a milkshake on the way home.  Liam told me "I don't like the doctor anymore, just the dentist". I hope the boy never gets a cavity.

Sunday, November 25, 2012


Now that Liam is older, there are so many more ways to celebrate his birthday. Andrew and I have all these ideas of how we can celebrate his future birthdays and I can't wait. We met up with his buddy, Dylan and his parents, to try out bowling. A new adventure that can be labeled as a success.  Even with the bumpers out for the kids, I still did awful. I think Liam may have had a better score than me.


Thanksgiving was great this year, not only because we celebrated Liam's #3, but because we had a house full of family. It was so nice to have everyone here. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, I know that everyone's hearts are a bit happier.

Friday, November 23, 2012

he's back...

Welcome back, Bo-Bee.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

happy day



Dear Liam,

Happy 3rd birthday my sweet boy. Today you share your birthday with Thanksgiving- the holiday when we give thanks for all that we have in our lives and fill our bellies to capacity. In honor of your birthday, you got full control of dinner today. I am not sure what your dad & I were thinking when we left you in control of the menu-but it is your day-enjoy! This past year has opened my eyes to how truly special you are. How truly bless I am. I give thanks not only today, but every day for you.

This past year you have challenged your dad and I. You have pushed us to our limits and you have made us each laugh so hard. So hard, that we remember those laughs more than any of those so-called challenges. I can honestly say that we experienced the funny twos, not so much the terrible twos.  You are a little boy. You are funny. You are so smart. You have an incredible imagination that takes you on adventures all over the world doing such fun and silly things. You love to build forts. You love to scare your dad & I "boo!". You have a special "daddy story" & "mommy song" at bedtime.You are independent. And I forget sometimes how little you are, because you want to be so big. You are stubborn. You love the"pinchers". You are honest. You are independent. Conversations with you are the best. You always request family hugs. You love our 3 squeezes. You think Olive is the funniest thing. You love Lightning McQueen. You make the best pumpkin muffins (with a little help of course). You love to race cars. You are fully potty trained! You use your manners. Your memory is out of this world. Books are still your favorite and reading to you is one of mine. You request bonus minutes for everything! You love school and your friends you have made there.  You love to get yourself dressed. You love music and have some killer dance moves.You are so your father's son and it cracks me up. You continue to amaze me & put a smile on my face every single day.

I can't wait to see what this new year bring you. Brings us. I am excited, I think 3 is going to be even more fun than 2. I look forward to all the new experiences you will have, we will have.  I can't wait to see the changes, watch you grow, watch you learn, watch your personality shine through and watch you become, you.

I love you my little sweet potato. As we say every night, I love you all the way to the moon....& back. Thank you for being my little one. Thank you for making me one of the happiest people on earth. I love you. Happy #3, Liam!


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

dream come true

Last week I got hit with the flu or something of the sort. Not fun. By the time Saturday came the last thing I wanted to do was go grocery shopping. So I finally got to try the shop from home option that my most favorite grocery store offers. And it was pretty fantastic. Sitting from home in my pjs, put my order in online (didn't take nearly as long as I anticipated), hit place order and  then pick out a time to pick up the order. Genius and every parent's dream.  They do deliver, but I am a bit creeped out by that, so I go with the pick up option. And they even gave me flowers for my first time order. The con-  one item was missing from the order and there were some substitutes (all reviewed with me before making the purchase).  I can't wait to do it all over again this week. Time saver. Money saver. And I am not coming home with a bunch of impulse purchases, standing in line for ever or having to deal with the craziness that is grocery shopping. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


We took Liam to vote with us today. I was highly disappointed with the new voting system. Fill in the bubbles with a black sharpie and put it into the black box that sucks in your voting form and electronically scans the sheet and get yelled at by the ladies from the 6th ward. No more secrets behind the curtain.

Monday, November 5, 2012


First visit with the dentist was a complete success. I wasn't anticipating a melt down, but I also wasn't anticipating Liam to behave and be so complaint. I know the distraction in the room, aka the television, played a huge part in all of this. 

He was able to sit through a complete cleaning and exam without any fuss, complaints or squirms. I was truly impressed (so was the hygienist).

Liam got graded on his oral hygiene and behavior by the dentist: Att. I graded her and the facility: A. I hope the next visit in 6months goes just as well. 

Friday, November 2, 2012

ahhh november

November, already??? This month is going to either zoom by or crawl like a snail. There is so.much.going.on.  I have already started to make lists & more lists to help keep me on track.

A quick synopsis of our November: Liam’s first dental appointment; Presidential Election; Family visiting!; celebrating Liam’s 3rd birthday with Hello Kitty cuppy cakes; iPhone 5!; Eric Carle Puppet Show; Furnace cleaning; Falling  back; Cleaning; Organizing; Olive Physical; Liam Physical; Decorating; The  return of Bobee (elf on  a shelf); Being Thankful; Black Friday; Finishing up the Christmas list; Harvest lunch at school... I am pretty sure I am forgetting at least another ten things to add to this list.  Cheers to November.


It started off with a parade at school. It was crazy- people are nuts. People are even more nuts when it comes to their kids. Liam enjoyed the parade and getting to "ka-chow" all over the place.
Then trick or treating time came. Some little kid at school told Liam that trick or treating was "scary" and  Liam said he didn't want to go. So we told him try a couple houses, if you want to go back home we would.
Once he realized that candy was involved that somehow changed everything and he could not wait to go to the next house and the next and the next. We had practiced the day before what would happen and what he needed to say. He cracked me up when he would go up to the house and when the person appeared with candy, he would say "trick or treating".  He was so disappointed when it was time to go home.
Then he couldn't wait to hand out treats to all the kid who came to our door. Liam was all about giving out treats to the "customers".

whats shaking bacon

Lightning McQueen


t or t

neighborhood creeps

happy halloween