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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

3yr check up

Liam had his well child visit today. I love his pediatrician's office. The ladies at the front desk always remember him. There is one lady who just adores him and spoils him with many, many stickers (the one sticker rule is out the window with her). Overall, the boy is healthy and doing well. Speech and language eval was requested to have his occasional stutter assessed. Now that he is 3 the referral needs to go through the school district, but I am told it shouldn't be too hard to get that set up. Let's hope not.

I did end up choosing to have him get the flu shot. Lets just say he got a milkshake on the way home.  Liam told me "I don't like the doctor anymore, just the dentist". I hope the boy never gets a cavity.

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