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Friday, November 2, 2012

ahhh november

November, already??? This month is going to either zoom by or crawl like a snail. There is so.much.going.on.  I have already started to make lists & more lists to help keep me on track.

A quick synopsis of our November: Liam’s first dental appointment; Presidential Election; Family visiting!; celebrating Liam’s 3rd birthday with Hello Kitty cuppy cakes; iPhone 5!; Eric Carle Puppet Show; Furnace cleaning; Falling  back; Cleaning; Organizing; Olive Physical; Liam Physical; Decorating; The  return of Bobee (elf on  a shelf); Being Thankful; Black Friday; Finishing up the Christmas list; Harvest lunch at school... I am pretty sure I am forgetting at least another ten things to add to this list.  Cheers to November.

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