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Friday, November 2, 2012


It started off with a parade at school. It was crazy- people are nuts. People are even more nuts when it comes to their kids. Liam enjoyed the parade and getting to "ka-chow" all over the place.
Then trick or treating time came. Some little kid at school told Liam that trick or treating was "scary" and  Liam said he didn't want to go. So we told him try a couple houses, if you want to go back home we would.
Once he realized that candy was involved that somehow changed everything and he could not wait to go to the next house and the next and the next. We had practiced the day before what would happen and what he needed to say. He cracked me up when he would go up to the house and when the person appeared with candy, he would say "trick or treating".  He was so disappointed when it was time to go home.
Then he couldn't wait to hand out treats to all the kid who came to our door. Liam was all about giving out treats to the "customers".

whats shaking bacon

Lightning McQueen


t or t

neighborhood creeps

happy halloween

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