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Friday, September 28, 2012


Color me Rad was a great time. There were some issues with traffic; poor Andrew & Liam sat in those issues for about 2hours. I had already crossed the finish line by the time they got there. That was a bummer. Then leaving was a good hour wait in the car before we even got to the road. So that was another bummer. Overall, it was a lot of fun, I felt great and there was nothing more exciting than being able to see the finish line. On to figure out the next run...Turkey Trot 2012, perhaps?




we crushed it like a Billy Blanks round house kick to the face

flash friday

Phewwwww! This week crawled by. Thankfully it is Friday and we have almost survived another week without any craziness.
The end of last week Liam came down with pink eye. It was not fun for the little guy because the first medication caused an allergic reaction so he had to stay out of school longer than we anticipated-- which was fine expect we both had to juggle our work responsibilities and  everyone was thrown off schedule and it was just a bit stressful. Liam is much better and the second antibiotic did the trick. Liam has wonderful grandparents, but none live close by. We need to somehow find some local surrogate grand parents for him & us. I envy those people who complain about their parents/inlaws always being at the house with the kids...grrrrr what I would give to have that "problem". If you know of any, please send them my way.

We also got to spend some time with my Dad's side of the family last weekend- which was great. We don't get to see everyone enough. Distance, time and life always come in the way, but when we do spend time together it is so much fun and I wish we could do it more often. It made my heart happy that Liam finally got to meet his Great Aunt Gina and fully embrace the Bonomo family. I also learned that day that twins do in fact run on my father's side of the family.  I hope I got this right-My grandmother's grandfather's (so my great, great paternal GF) sibling's had twins. One had two sets and one had one set; unfortunately, not all survived. So maybe it wasn't a total fluke that I was pregnant with two. This is good information to know.
Liam and Aunt G.

Families Dine Together Night at school happened on Monday. Nothing more awkward than sitting in tiny chairs, at a tiny table, eating food with other parents so are there for the same reason we are...to support our kids and get a night off from cooking. You try to start conversations with these people, but they never go anywhere and there is always grape juice being spilling on someone's crotch.

Photo day at school was yesterday. I never take those days too seriously. The night before we were picking out an outfit. While other parents brought in prom dresses and three piece suits. We are scheduled to have our family photos taken next weekend. So that I will take seriously.

I wish this picture had sound. Best. Laugh. Ever.
This weekend is looking pretty great. Dinner date tomorrow to FINALLY celebrate our anniversary. Almost two months later & we finally have an opportunity to celebrate. Sheesh.  Decorating the house for fall, making pretzels, hair cut for Liam and chili. Happy Friday!

ps- photos from Color Me Rad coming soon.

Friday, September 21, 2012

flash friday

I am always excited for the weekend, but this weekend is going to be even more fun. 

Tomorrow I will run the Color Me Rad 5k. I can not wait to run, get bombed with color and cross the finish line. More photos to follow!

Sunday, September 16, 2012


A quick trip  with Liam to one store and two ridiculous questions.

First question: " Do you curl his hair?"
Ummm really? Did she look at my hair? Clearly I can't be bothered with curling, let alone doing anything with my own hair, so why would I take the time to curl my son's hair? I politely told her no, it was all natural.

Second question, different person:  " Is his hair color natural?"
Really? Really?  Now the smart ass in me wanted to reply, but since she was elderly and may have been holding an ice pack on her head, I held back ( maybe someone else couldn't hold back, hence the ice pack). I just stared at her and repeated her question- just to make sure I heard her correctly. I did hear her and I told her yup, all his, all natural.

I guess some people are watching a bit too much of toddlers and tiaras these days.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012






We took a trip out to my parents' house on Sunday. My brother was home, and he didn't come alone this time. Which was even more exciting. We got to meet his girlfriend, Kristen, and their dog, Cruz. Cruz is a great dog and I could have rubbed his belly all day long. Kristen is fantastic, too. I think we all had fun, except Olive. She was totally intimidated by Cruz and somehow she got into it with a bee and she lost that battle.

Just some of what Liam picked from Grandpa G's garden.

living dangerously without a helmet

morning walk, from one of our walks

Uncle A and Cruz

Angelo, Cruz & Kristen

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


  I have been contemplating  whether or not to put this on the blog. I feel like on one hand, I should because it would be helpful to put it into words, it may help someone else who is going through something similar and it  may help me to continue to heal and find closure. This is part of our journey. On the other hand, I feel that I want to keep this between Andrew & I. I don't want to re-live it; I just want to put it all behind us.  I can't, so I decided to put some of it into words. The rest will forever be burnt into our memories & hearts.

Today, 9.11.12, would have been my due date. Today would have been the day that our little family of 3 grew into a little family of 5.  Today I would have felt that strong feeling of love that makes my heart want to explode, times two. Today Liam would have become a big brother. Today we would have started a new chapter in our lives.  & today I would have fallen in love with Andrew all over again.

Leaving out all the details, I was pregnant with two- one was intrauterine; one was ectopic. After numerous blood draws, testing, exams, and bargaining, we learned that happiness can leave just as quick as it arrives.

 Today, 9.11.12,  I have the love of an amazing man who has stood by me, loved me and held me up so many times these past 7 months that I have lost track. Today, I am reminded of those vows "in good times and bad". Today, I can't count how many times in the past 7 months I have fallen in love all over again with him. Today I am healthy. Today, I am fortunate for medical technology. Today I have a healthy, strong, beautiful, witty, little boy who calls me mommy; who one day will be a fabulous big brother.  Today, I have family and friends who supported us and continue to do so. Today, I have this life that I am so fortunate to have been trusted with. Today, I am blessed more than I know how to put into words. And today I look forward to what the future holds for us.

Friday, September 7, 2012

flash friday

Liam has been doing great at preschool all week. He seems to be fitting in well with the new class, friends and teachers. And his teachers are great! Liam asked me on our way home from his first day if he could "go back to preschool tomorrow?" So I think it is safe to say he is enjoying it.

Andrew has been sick the past couple of days. Really sick. So sick he didn't even watch the whole football season opener game.  And he stayed home from work- which hardly happens. I will be busy lysol bombing the house this weekend to get rid of any lingering germs. I told Liam that dad was sick and that when we got home we should let dad relax. This is how that conversation went:
Liam: "Daddy, sick?"
Me : "Yes, he has some germs that are making him feel yucky"
Liam; "No, its from too much dancing"

Clearly that awesome dance off that occurred at 60 Chestnut St. is the true reason why Andrew was sick.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


"When I grow up I want to be Daddy"