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Friday, September 7, 2012

flash friday

Liam has been doing great at preschool all week. He seems to be fitting in well with the new class, friends and teachers. And his teachers are great! Liam asked me on our way home from his first day if he could "go back to preschool tomorrow?" So I think it is safe to say he is enjoying it.

Andrew has been sick the past couple of days. Really sick. So sick he didn't even watch the whole football season opener game.  And he stayed home from work- which hardly happens. I will be busy lysol bombing the house this weekend to get rid of any lingering germs. I told Liam that dad was sick and that when we got home we should let dad relax. This is how that conversation went:
Liam: "Daddy, sick?"
Me : "Yes, he has some germs that are making him feel yucky"
Liam; "No, its from too much dancing"

Clearly that awesome dance off that occurred at 60 Chestnut St. is the true reason why Andrew was sick.

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