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Saturday, November 28, 2009


The day my life changed, forever.

I woke up on Sunday feeling okay. I was a bit crampy and did not think much of it as I had been feeling crampy on and off for a few days. It did not take me long to realize that I was feeling mild contractions (starting around 9:30am). I thought that maybe they were braxton hicks and went about my day. As the day went on, I felt these contractions more and more frequently and sometimes it felt like they were getting more uncomfortable. I was watching the football game with Andrew (Giants vs. Falcons) and thought maybe we should start to track the contractions. I was now no longer in denial and realized that I was seriously having contractions. At first the contractions were all over the place, 8 minutes apart, 10 minutes apart, 6 minutes apart and the length of the contraction was also all over the place. No pattern. So I thought this could be false labor. Then.....the contractions were coming closer together, last longer in length and moving around did not lessen the pain. Not only could I feel the contractions in my abdomen, but they spread around to my back as well. It was waves of contractions. We continued to track, track, track and soon the contractions were coming just about every three minutes.

I asked Andrew to call the doctor to see what we should do. She promptly returned our call and suggested we head over to the hospital. HOLY CRAP! The ride to the hospital was not as bad as I expected, but it felt like it took us FOREVER to get there. I almost felt as if life was occurring in slow motion.

After being checked in and asked a thousand ridiculous questions (i.e.- what brings you to the hospital today? REALLY!!!! ) I was hooked up to the monitors and my contractions & baby's heart beat were monitored. One of the first questions I was asked "When would you like your epidural?" My reply: I want to go as natural as possible, no thanks. I was examined and I was 2 cm. Andrew and I were left alone for a minute and we were talking (about what, who knows) and he noticed my eyes get huge. He asked if everything was okay and I told him that either my water just broke or I wet myself. Fortunately, it was my water my breaking and this is where everything goes from good to awful in a matter of minutes.

Once my water broke, my blood pressure went sky high. This was partly because of the low levels of amniotic fluid and the amount of pain my body was enduring every three minutes from the contractions. The medical staff tried to get an iv in so I could be given medication to help bring down my pressure (again, not something I wanted, but needed). Since my blood pressure was so high, it was nearly impossible to get a vein to work...so my hands were covered in blood and needle marks. After about four attempts, they called in the anesthesiologist, who worked his magic and was able to get a vein to work. Next I was told that I needed to have an epidural because it would bring my blood pressure down. It really wasn't an option, but rather something that needed to be done. Every contraction the baby's heartbeat was dropping...so I agreed to the epidural. Then Dr. Burack said she was concerned for the baby and that an epidural would slow down labor, therefore putting the baby at risk for a longer period of time (since I was only 4 centimeters dilated). Then she said what I had been dreading this entire pregnancy :C- Section. My heart dropped, my eyes filled with tears and I accepted the fact that this is what needs to happen to keep my baby safe. Andrew grabbed my hand as he knew this was something that I wanted to avoid.

Andrew and I were told that he was able to come into the operating room once I was given a spinal. The only time he would not be able to come into the OR was if they could not give me a spinal and I had to be put out completely. They gave him his scrubs, he gave me a kiss and I was wheeled off to the OR. Once in the OR I was put on the table, bright lights over head and the room was cool (which felt really good). They had me sit up and I was asked to sit still, which was hard when I was experiencing contractions. I am sure I said a few choice words as they tried to prick my spine at the same time my uterus was contracting. It took them about three times before a needle was inserted in my spine. With each failed attempted I was getting more and more anxious about the possibility of being put out. But finally there was success. I will say that once the spinal began to work, it felt really good. Andrew was finally able to join me, my blood pressure went down immediately from the spinal and I was poked numerous times with a sharp object to ensure that the spinal was working. It was- I seriously could not feel a thing from the chest down.

I am sure the whole process only took an hour at most, but it felt like days passed from the time I was wheeled into the OR up until I heard one of the best sounds in the world :wawaaa waaaa waaaa. The sweet sound of Liam crying as he entered our world. I could not see him immediately as he needed to be assessed, but I was told that he had a lot of hair. Andrew was able to go to the warming station where Liam was assessed. All I could see were Andrew's eyes smiling. The rest of his face was covered with a face mask. I think at one point he may have given me a thumbs up, I knew everything would be okay. Then I finally got to see Liam. I thought for a second my body was going to explode from the amount of happiness that I was feeling. The only thing I was feeling since my body was pretty numb.

We entered the hospital as a couple & left as a family

Once Dr. Burack finished with putting me back together, she told me that even if I had continued to have a vaginal birth, it would have ended with a C-section. She said that Liam's head is so big that it would have never passed through the birth canal. Seriously, I would have been pretty pissed if I had pushed and pushed for a while just to learn that I would need a c-section. I believe things always happen for a reason.

So overall, my labor was nothing as I had imagined it to be. In fact, my worst case scenario happened. I am happy that my body did go into labor on it's own, I got to experience contractions, & my water breaking. Even though it was my worst case scenario, I will say this was probably one of the best days in my life and I would do it all over again, in a heartbeat.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

wk 39

So very proud to introduce:

Liam Charles Gregory
6lbs. 5oz
100% Pure Happiness

Liam and I are doing well and so happy to be home. I will share more details once there is some free time. He is awesome.

Friday, November 20, 2009


Had a follow up appointment from Wednesday today. Fluid levels are the same, baby still sounds good and I am hanging in there. Dr. Burack would like us to come back on Monday to discuss INDUCTION.

On one hand I am kind of happy about knowing that next week the baby will be here. The past nine months have been filled with anticipation, anxiety, happiness, dreams and just absolute excitement about having this little dude join us in the real world. It will bring relief to me to know that his health is not being compromised because of low amniotic fluids and he will be able to stretch out without knocking into my ribs.
On the other hand, I really wanted to see how my body would naturally go into labor. Where would have my water broke, would it even break? Would we be rushing to the hospital at 2am? More so, I am nervous that one medical intervention will lead to another and another and so on and so forth. I hope that my body accepts the induction and takes off from there.

We will wait until Monday and see what the plan is. I will say that even though I am not crazy about induced, I can hardly wait for him to be here!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

1 down, 9 to go

That is right, I am dilated 1 centimeter, 80% effaced and at -2 station. Let's get the party started ( I know, I know, let's not break out the champagne just yet). That is the good news from my doctor appointment today. The other news I got is that the ultrasound is showing my fluids are low. Not too low to be considered dangerous, but low enough that I need to go back on Friday to have another ultrasound. If the fluids get below 5cm, then I need to be induced; right now my levels are at6.4cm. Soooooo if the levels remain above 5cm. and I do not go into labor by my due date, I will most likely be induced on 11/30. The other possibility is that I just go into labor naturally some time within the next eleven days. Who knows, he may just decide to join us this weekend.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

ice cream

I should have bought stock in Stewart's Ice Cream. By far, my favorite pregnancy snack. What I use to consider boring, is now my all time favorite: plain chocolate ice cream-Stewart's brand. I wonder if my love for this will continue after pregnancy. Or will I become ill at the thought of chocolate ice cream since I have enjoyed more than any human should ever consume in the past 9 months.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

wk 38

Overall, this week wasn't all that eventful. I am looking forward to next week, as an ultrasound will be performed at the weekly obgyn appointment. Another week down, another week closer to the big day. Everything is pretty much in place. Now we just need to figure out plans for Thanksgiving...

Here are this week's photos:

Worst Part of this Week: Overall, a pretty positive week. But my hip pain has been getting more and more uncomfortable. Everything cracks and pops when I walk...I sound like a commercial for Rice Crispies....snap, crackle, pop.

Best Part of this Week: Good doctor appointment. Actually enjoyed a few good nights of sleep. Braxton Hicks contractions have started.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I guess you could call me a regular at the OBGYN office at this point. They know my name and nurses wave to me when I arrive. Now I am also one of those very pregnant ladies that I use to see when I first became pregnant in the waiting room (and often wondered if I would be one of them): waddles in, flops into the waiting room chair, rubs the belly, just looks uncomfortable, shirt stretched down as far as possible to cover the bump and is drinking water.

My appointment went well today. Everything is looking good at this point. At the appointment next week I will have another ultrasound to check in on baby's size. The reason for another ultrasound is to see how much he has grown in the past four weeks. One doctor tends to believe he will be a "generous" baby and another thinks he will be on the smaller side; neither have concerns with his size at this point. I inquired as to why the predictions contradict each other. Basically ultrasounds are to give an estimate, but no one will know for sure how big the baby will be until he is here. I keep on being told that he is about a week behind in size...which is funny because the first due date I was given was almost a week later than my present due date. Maybe I am more on target with the first due date than the later. Andrew nor I are concerned at this point regarding the baby's weight/size. The doctors don't appeared to be worried- so why should we.

All of the symptoms that I have been are experiencing are considered "normal". Which is nice to hear, but at the same time I think I was a tiny bit disappointed to not hear that labor is about to happen any day now. Not that I want to rush anything, but I am getting anxious for this little guy to be here & to put that Moby wrap to good use.

Monday, November 9, 2009


Missing in action, my two ankles. Last seen on or about 11.08.09.
Boney and flesh in color. If found, please contact me immediately.

I looked down at my ankles (or what use to be my ankles) tonight and let out of "oh no!" Andrew wondered what was wrong and then he looked down at what I was starring at. He then placed his head under the blanket and laughed at my lack of ankles. Good thing I love him. He then tried to reassure me that "they aren't that bad". Good try, I am not blind.

wk 37

Happy Full Term Peanut!! We made it to wk 37. My goal after our scare and stay at hospital was to make it to wk 37; goal obtained. Knowing we have made it this far, makes me breathe easier. Now, I would be breathing a whole lot easier if this kid decided to drop already. Although I do think that his drop is in my very near future (well at least that is what I am hoping- haven't I been saying this for weeks now?). The weekend was a bit uncomfortable for me. I had a lot of back pain, cramps, intense feelings of pressure in my abdomen, pain in my legs and hips. From what I have read these "pains" could be 1 of 3 possibilities A. false labor B. baby dropping C. effacement of the cervix .My conclusion is that it is a combination of being uncomfortable and Mr.Hicks preparing my body.

As much as I have enjoyed pregnancy, I do hope the end is near:
-I really am getting anxious (in a positive way) to meet this little guy.
- My pregnancy clothing is starting to be too short.
- Daily functions have become increasingly difficult to complete.
- I really can not wait to tear into a turkey sub from Deli & Brew.

So for wk 37 photos...here you go!

The curious duo.
The baby becomes very active when they are around...either
he will hate them or just love them.

I really can not wait to wear jeans again that actually button & zipper.

I was not going to post this pic. because of my stretchies. But this is part of the process & I am growing okay with that. Plus, my belly button never popped, so one out of the two is not bad.

Worst Part of this Week: Learning there is a possibility that I may need to be induced if I go past my DD. Sleeping has become more of a fantasy than a function. Realizing my pregnancy shirts are getting too short.

Best Part of this Week: Learning there is a possibility that I may need to be induced if I go past my DD (this goes under both because I want to do this as natural as possible, but at the same time having an idea of when to expect this to happen is a bit of a relief.) Installation of car seat. Baby is full term! Feeling ready if he was to arrive tomorrow. The prints Andrew created for the nursery.

Friday, November 6, 2009

holy car seat, Batman!

So there is a car seat in the back seat of my car. I had a co-worker of mine install that bad boy. She is a car seat technician, so she showed me the proper way to put the car seat in, how to check to ensure that it is in properly and some hint/tips. Now that I am a mom to be, I find that info so interesting and important. It is weird to see a car seat in the back seat of MY car, but so exciting. I think it will be even more weird once we install a car seat into Andrew's car- move over golf clubs.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

it is time

You know it is time for the baby to arrive when :
  • maternity shirts are no longer long enough to cover the bump
  • your husband compares your stomach to a watermelon (but so kindly prefaces that statement with "don't be offended by this, because I think it is beautiful.")

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Weekly doctor appointment went well today. I was given the "Here to Maternity" paperwork. This essentially tells me what I need to do when I believe I am in labor or when my membranes rupture (water breaking). Basically it all comes down to call immediately if my membranes rupture &/or call once my contractions are about 5 minutes apart...so 12 within an hour. To me, that seems like things are moving along pretty quick, but I am not the expert here (so I am sure they will be getting a lot of phone calls from either me or Andrew). Being given these instructions makes it pretty official that 1. the baby will be here soon & 2. it could happen at anytime now.

We saw Dr. Lee today. He told me that due to my history of high blood pressure I will not be going too far past my due date. Maybe 1 or 2 days beyond at max before being induced. If I did not have any issues with my blood pressure, they would let me go 2 weeks before inducing. Whoa. I hope that this baby sends my body into labor naturally, but if not, I guess I have to be okay with being induced. While it is not part of my original plan, I guess this is where the advice on being "flexible with your birthing plan" comes into play. On the flip side, knowing that I won't need to go two weeks past my due date is somewhat of a relief. I guess I will be spending the next week or so researching natural ways of bringing on labor besides downing a bottle of castor oil. ugh.

Dr. Lee also mentioned that I am going to have a "generous" baby. While ultrasounds are good to have, he said they are not accurate when it comes to measurements. A generous baby will be happily welcomed here.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

you want me to what?!

I had my annual physical exam for work today. At one point during the exam, the conversation between myself and the doctor went as follows:

doctor: "Stand up, bend over and touch your toes."

me: "You want me to what?"

doctor: "This is part of the exam and I really need you to try to touch your toes."

me: Uncontrollable laughter to the point I had tears in my eyes. I then proceeded to attempt to bend over. Let me just say, how am I suppose to try to touch my toes when I can no longer see my toes.

The doctor (who by the way was female) did get a chuckle out of it and I did in fact pass my physical.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Addendum to wk36

Clumsiness and forgetfulness continue this week according to What to Expect When You Are Expecting.

Worst Part of this Week: Little feet under my rib cage. While it doesn't hurt, it is just completely uncomfortable.

Best Part of this Week: I have a new best friend, Pepcid. The ultrasound. Learning he is head down. The possibility that this may be THE MONTH!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


One month left, four weeks from today is the big due date. I never thought November would get here...little did I know the joke is on me. The car seat arrived today, thanks to my mom & dad. That needs to be installed, a few more items into my hospital bag, and then all we have left to do is wait. Andrew has been busting his balls the past month or so to get everything in order, put together and painted. I think we finally can say "we are ready". Hopefully the next few weekends we can just spend with each other and enjoy being a couple before we make the transition to family.

Here is my wk 36 photo. Only one picture this week, as holding my breath long enough to have a photo taken is too long at this point. Enjoy.

One positive, the bump makes my legs look thinner.