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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I have been meaning to write this post for a week now, however, time just keeps vanishing. Andrew and I are usually up in the morning anywhere between 5 and 5:30 am and we are on the move until about 9:00pm. We have a pretty good routine and are very consistent with sticking to it. We feel this helps the two of us get things done and Liam knows what to expect. There are some days we get off track and deal with it the best we can. So by the time 9:00pm rolls around we are exhausted and just want to relax. For the most part this happens, some nights more than others. The idea of relaxing on the weekend is a good idea, but that is when all the stuff we could not get to during the week gets done.  And this week has been a bit difficult because of the time change. I love the fact that I get home from work and it is not dark out. However, Liam is having a more difficult time adjusting to it than I expected.  He will eventually adjust (I hope).

So, Liam had his 15month check up a week or so ago. He is doing really well: on target developmentally, his lungs sounded clear and good (which made us very happy b/c of the pneumonia); his ears were clear; he did get two shots and he handled it like a champ and he is weighing in at 22lbs. He is getting more teeth, so this is helping him form new sounds/words. His top two teeth are in and his upper fangs are slowing coming in. Overall it was a good appointment and does not go back until May.

That is it for now!

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