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Sunday, April 24, 2011

a boy & a dog

Liam is really aware of Olive these days, yet I don't think he fully understands what she is. I often wonder if he thinks she is a toy.

He will point to her and say "dog", he is always scanning the room to see where she is, he shares his food with her ( which is sooooo against the rules!), he loves to give her hugs and loves to play with her. I think he really loves it when he has one of her toys and Olive will chase him around for it and he always gives it to her. He has even figured out how to open her crate door...which isn't always good. Lately, he really wants to play with her. Like to the point where he will try to pick her up and bring her to where he is....Olive probably weighs more than Liam, so he has no success with that. This morning after figuring out what his wagon was, he was determined to have Olive ride in it with him...Olive is so not a wagon girl!

We took the radio flyer out for a long walk, Olive was exhausted! And she gave in- she sat in the wagon with Liam & enjoyed it. Which may be one of the most ridiculous things, ever.This just proves how lazy Olive really is.

Liam completely amazed

Giving her hugs

Suffocating her with hugs...

Clearly disappointed that Olive was outta there!

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