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Thursday, August 18, 2011

warrior pt. 2

 I promised my friend, Sue, that I would do Warrior with her and finish it with her. And we did! While I won't deny this was a physical challenge, I will say that I believe this was more of a mental challenge than a physical one.
The first 1.5 miles was practically vertical. Every time I thought we were at the top of the mountain ( I think I may have said that to Sue about 250 times before we actually were at the top. I am sure she was ready to punch me in the neck every time I said and then realized it wasn't the top. Sorry, Sue!) there would  be a blind curve and then even more mountain to attack And more mountain. And more mountain. There weren't too many obstacles in the first 1.5miles. Once we saw the water station we new were good and the rest would be down hill from there (literally). And it was. The music and cheering kept on getting louder and louder and we knew the end was near.  Which as exciting as that was, I was a bit bummed that the end was near.  I was keeping count of the obstacles at first to make sure I knew how many more we had to do...but that didn't last long. I was really proud that Sue and I both completed every obstacle. It was great...until I dislocated my shoulder...on the 3rd to last obstacle. And the medic couldn't touch me....because I signed a waiver...so what else does one do in a time of need....have your friend pop your shoulder back in (actually it was more of me demanding Sue to pop it in).  And she did! Looking back, that is probably what warriors did...so it was perfect.

Our "before". I am not sure what happened here...

Hello Finish Line!!


tore up from the mud pit up


Warrior in training

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