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Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Headlock  Hugs for Moe (the shark)

3 Gs

Oh, Orlando. We had such a great time. I think I enjoy vacations even more now that Liam is with us. To see his excitement and joy makes me even more excited. He did great on the plane down & on the way home. We fed dolphins. We swam in the ocean. Liam got to spend time with his Grandpa & Grandma (aka pata & gamma). Liam made music with the wind chimes and may have even gave Grandpa's plant a hair cut. We ate at shake & bake Steak N' Shake (btw the cookies and cream milk shake is delicious). Liam got to hang out with his super cool Aunt  Liz & Uncle Mike. We learned that Liam likes "Just Dance" for the Wii. He also got to see his cousins. We learned that A Baby's Comfort is a great rental company for kids' stuff. We enjoyed Jeremiah's Italian Ice. We always find that vacations, especially the ones that we spend with family, always go by way too fast. And I always think we take a ton of pictures, but we don't. Here are couple of my favs:
SeaWorld! Clearly something else has Liam's eye. I do love the lady in the background fanning herself. I do believe she was posing for our photo.

Shamu & Co. Liam loved this show. I loved this show. It was amazing- I wish it lasted longer.

Feeding the dolphins. Tickle Tickle on the chin and drop the fishy in.

Beach Bum. Beautiful Day!


Thank you P & M for a great vacation! The company and weather were fantastic. We had a blast and we can't wait to visit again.

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