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Friday, May 18, 2012

flash friday

It has been one of those weeks. Lots of stuff to do in a short amount of time. This week zoomed by, which is fine with me. That means we are one week closer to our vacation. Here is the short version of what occurred this week...

Monday- Mother's Day Breakfast with Liam at school. It was cute and simple. Liam was thrown off that I was sitting with him having breakfast at school. I think he enjoyed it & wasn't too embarrassed by me.

Tuesday- Parent Teacher conference for Liam. Overall it went well. I was not expecting to hear that Liam will be moving up to preschool this summer (preschool!?!? this summer?!?!). For some reason in my head I still see him as baby Liam and not the little boy he is turning into. Actually it is great timing because his teacher is leaving in July. Her husband is a Marine and he is being stationed to California. The only concern is that Liam has been stuttering. Andrew and I are more concerned about it than his teacher. Maybe it is developmental, maybe it is more. So we need to explore what our next step will be regarding that.

Wednesday- This was our one day this week that wasn't too crazy. I put Liam in the bike trailer and we took a cruise around the neighborhood. I hope we can explore more this weekend.

Thursday- Andrew ran in the CDPHP 5k Corporate Challenge. He did awesome and I am jealous. Why you ask? He ran on Wednesday night for about 10mins and decided he was all set to run. He did and ran it in 36mins. flat. Not too shabby for someone who just decided to run.

Friday- TGIF! Well that was until I got the call from daycare that Liam was having some tummy issues & needed to be picked up. So hopefully his tummy is feeling better for the weekend.

No photos this week, but I hope to have some great ones from this weekend...if that tummy bugs doesn't linger.

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