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Sunday, December 5, 2010


An apple

a day keeps

the doctor

Or not. Two days after his annual check up and shots I get a call from daycare. I was told that Liam wasn't acting his "normal" self and that he was crying and only wanted to be held. He didn't have a fever and that I didn't need to pick him up asap, but just an FYI. So of course I leave to get him and manage to schedule an appointment with his pediatrician for that afternoon. When he saw the doctor on Tuesday, I asked for his ears to be checked because he had been pulling on his ears and I wanted to rule out an ear infection. Ears looked clear and no signs of infection.  Fast forward to Thursday. His ears get checked and of course he has an ear infection. So he is on antibiotics again and we are hoping the infection clears up. Liam is not letting the infection stop him. He is a walking & talking machine.

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