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Monday, April 2, 2012

going under, bunnies and eggs

Our weekend was amazing. Our weekend was non stop. Our weekend went by way too fast and I am sad.

I got to swim with Liam this week at swim class. The water was freezing, the "instructor" didn't do too much instructing, but we had fun. One on one time with Liam is good, even if we both were teeth chattering cold. I am pretty sure Liam hated me for about five minutes. During one of the closing songs, Ring Around the Rosie,  I may have dipped Liam under water. He recovered and after seeing that other kids also went under, he didn't hate me as much.

Then we headed over to church for an Easter egg hunt! Liam and Dylan had a blast. They were very excited to find the eggs and even more excited to nosh on their booty- especially the Rolos.
When we returned to church on Sunday, Liam was still looking for eggs

cowboy in the making

We ended our day with visiting little, fluffy, bunnies! Photos soon to come...

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