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Friday, July 6, 2012

flash friday

Remember this guy...
I received an email today from Pamela, Zeppy's human. I am so happy she keeps in touch with us to keep us updated on Zeppelin.  She reported that Zeppy is doing well. His epilepsy has been under control with the help of medicine. She said he still loves to snuggle and sleep in and eat turkey burgers. Andrew and I love his gray goatee. I would love to give him big hug and snuggle...but I know he is getting a lot of love in Maine.


  1. Aww, he's so cute! Was he yours previously? I just love the senior pugs! :)

  2. Yes, Zeppelin was our first "baby". Sadly we had to surrender him to a pug rescue right before Liam turned 1. Zeppelin was always bit apprehensive around Liam, but behaved for the most part. As Liam became more mobile Zeppy became more anxious and snapped at Liam a couple times. We decided that one snap was too much and we just could not take the risk of Liam getting hurt and did not think it was fair to Zeppelin to always be anxious and on guard.Especially knowing that Liam would be moving even more as time went on. So he was placed in a great foster home and was placed in an amazing forever home in Maine, with an incredible human. He is doing great there and she always keeps up posted on how he is doing. We still miss him a lot, but we know it was the best choice. Plus, now he gets to spend his days running up and down the beach...lucky guy!

  3. Ohhh we miss Zee! I'm glad he's doing well, and that he found him a nice family! BTW Penny and Lady are looking forward to coming and meeting Olive. They told me so.