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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

slumber party

Slumber party with a two year and a dog...most fun idea ever, worst idea ever.  Liam has been asking to sleep on the couch lately. We finally caved and promised a slumber party on a weekend. Last Friday was the date of said party.  I am sure Liam thought it was the best thing. ever. Actually I know he does because he confirmed that Saturday morning. We blew up the air matress, covered it with pillows and what seemed like a thousand blankets, at least five stuffed animals, two adults, one toddler and one pug. O.M.G. After when felt like eternity, we woke up Saturday morning.Worst night sleep.ever. Somehow a toy bowling set made it's way onto the mattress and under my back overnight. Andrew was on the couch. Olive was sprawled out on the air mattress like she owned it and Liam slept great, when he eventually fell asleep. I was asked to repeat a story about the beach, mud pies and Olive burping at least eight times and fell asleep a few times during telling it.  While Andrew and I were completely uncomfortable, Liam on the other hand had a blast and even asked to do it again...maybe once my back recovers.
the only one who slept well

nothing good can come from this

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