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Saturday, February 2, 2013


Elmo's super heroes. It was a fun time...until the intermission...when there were a hundred Elmo head balloons brought in to sell for $10 each....$10! Fortunately, Liam was so engrossed in the stage, Elmo and everything else going on he didn't even blink an eye at those balloons. The worst part was that after all those  parents spent the ten bucks, it was requested that all balloons be stored under their seats for the remainder of the show. The nerve.

The show delivered a great message to the kids & families: eat your veggies, brush your teeth and sleep! I think Liam got the message loud & clear because he slept for 3 hours after the show! That won't happen again until he is a teenager.
Elmo's Super Heroes 02.02.13


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