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Friday, February 8, 2013


So here we are in the 2nd week of February. I feel like so much has gone on in the past month or so, but really, not all that much has gone on.  There was my birthday. Liam got sick. Then I got sick. We visited TCBY (Liam's current favorite place...ever!). I got schooled in "Bad Piggies" by a 3 year old. We planned a trip to Florida or as Liam likes to say "we are going to visit Mickey's house". A year has passed since we lost our two little hearts. Andrew launched the Lunchbox Brain store. We are still debating if we should sell the house, have a kid or do both.  Liam is all set for his speech & language eval next week and I need to register him for Pre-K! Pre-K! And now we are awaiting this storm and hoping to be snowed in.  Fingers crossed and the snow shovels are ready!

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