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Sunday, May 19, 2013

hey liam, remember that day

we decided it was a good idea to walk up to the "big school"? And half way up that really big hill you finally disclosed you had to use the potty....after I asked you a zillion times prior to that? And remember I told you to hold it because we were almost there? And we were really no where close to the bathrooms? And I was worried that you would have to go to the bathroom in the bushes because I wasn't sure if the school doors would be open? And it was really hot out? And then you started to run and said you really had to go? And I thought out loud "oh crap" and instructed you to squeeze your cheeks and you blew your face cheeks out like a squirrel?  And then we finally made it, and the doors to the "big school" were open, and you took care of business in the bathroom.  Then you got to play and we called your dad to come pick us up? That was a fun day.

I made it!! Hallelujah!

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