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Saturday, May 18, 2013


I am finally getting around to uploading our photos from vacation. I always feel like I take a ton of pictures but really, I never end up taking enough. I tried to get a picture of Liam's face when we driving into the Magic Kingdom and saw the castle. I don't think a photo could capture the amazement that was on his face. Complete awe. Not only did we go to Disney, we picked huge blue berries, went to a farm where Liam caught a chicken with his two bare hands and almost got ate by a dinosaur at the science museum. We also got to spend time with family, enjoy a little Florida sun (the weather didn't participate with us too well) and made plans to go to the beach twice next time we visit. Liam also thought gecko hunting with his grandpa was one of the best parts of the trip (along with the puzzles & pistachios).

Ready for take off. We almost missed our flight- Southwest's computer system was down and everyone flying with SW had to be manually, (yes manually) checked in. Which took forever. We had planned to get to the airport early, have breakfast and watch planes come & go...not so much.  I am sure we were quite the scene- running as soon as we got through security to our gate (Thank goodness the airport is tiny) no shoes on, one of us carrying Liam and the other the bags, shoes and car seat. We made it!

Liam had a long day. He was tired, we were tired, our routine was out the window and he was wild on the car ride to the blueberry field. Once he got there he (for the most part) was able to run and just be free. The blueberries were huge. I am sure he ate more than he picked. And he was just as wild on the car ride back.

Buzz Light Year's Space Ranger Spin. AWESOME! I also am not sure who loved it more...Andrew or Liam. Liam love it and could not believe he got to be a space ranger.

Family Selfie! We had the perfect weather for the perfect day at Disney.

This is the result of an awesome afternoon. He was on overload and needed to recharge.

Dole Whip! This was soooo worth the wait.

Orlando Science Museum. Perfect place to spend a rainy day. Liam  was a bit hesitant to get his photo taken with these guys.

This wind tunnel was crazy! As you can see the speed at this particular moment was 73.8 mph. Our hair was straight for the rest of the day and it was an instant face list. Liam giggled the whole time and loved it so much he had to do it twice.
He caught this chicken all by himself. He was so proud to show it off ( I am not sure how comfortable the chicken felt). I think he would have stuffed the chicken in his pocket to bring home if no one was watching. He was a complete natural.

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