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Sunday, August 22, 2010

9 months

I am having a hard time believing that you have been here with us for almost as long as you were in the womb without a view. A year ago today, we were celebrating your dad's 30th birthday. Today, we are celebrating your 9 month birthday.

Well as usual, you continue to amaze me. Your crawling skills are pretty phenomenal. Your dad and I have caught you on many occasions standing for a few seconds without holding onto anything. And your laugh is almost as wondrous to listen to as your heart beat was when I first heard it (especially when it wakes me up in the morning). You problem solve and do whatever is necessary (or as necessary as a 9 month old can  do) to get a toy, figure out how to bother Olive or turn your mobile on when you are bored in your crib.

You still have no teeth, which is okay and  it has not stopped you from trying different foods. Your hair gets curly when there is a lot of humidity in the air (which has been frequent this summer), you are constantly chasing after Olive and trying to her attention, you sit in the shopping cart and are amazed at what surrounds you, enjoy books and you love to sit in the grass. We are going on our first family vacation in less than a week and I can not wait to see your reaction when your toes hit the sand and are dipped in the ocean. You are taking right after your dad (minus the love you have for using your left hand).  I can only hope you will grow up to be as impressive and talented as your dad.

Happy 9th month my sweet boy! I love you.

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