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Monday, August 9, 2010


This was the first swim class that neither Andrew nor I packed the camera. Of course it was the swim class that Liam and Andrew went down the water slide. I must say that I think Andrew was more excited about going down the water slide than Liam. The beginning of the class was not as exciting. The first activity was submersion. Andrew decided he would go under with Liam...funny because Andrew would go under the water, but his arms with Liam in them, would go up and above the water. So it took a few hundred tries but eventually Andrew's arms let Liam go under. As expected he was not thrilled, but recovered fast and was ready for the next activity. Next week will be my turn and the last swim class. I wonder if Liam will be able to do a cannonball in celebration of the last class...

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  1. I think both Andrew AND Liam should celebrate with a Cannoball!!!!!!!