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Friday, August 20, 2010

dr. visit

Liam's 9 month well child visit went as well as it possibly could have gone. He is now a whopping 18lbs. 12oz and 27 3/4 inches long. I forget what his head circumference was, but it is in the 88th percentile. After I completed a dissertation a very long questionnaire about Liam's developmental skills we got to see Dr. D. She gave him a physical exam, asked me some more questions, answered my many questions and she gave us the thumbs up. Liam is doing well, physically and developmentally.  Since I am  concerned about his toothless smile, Dr. D. said to wait until he is one years old and if there still are no teeth to fill  in that yogurt breath mouth, then she will refer us to a pediatric dentist. Next appointment is his 1 yr. appointment....one year-holy crap.

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