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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

15 months

Happy 15th Month, Liam!! You have changed SO much since you turned 1. You went from taking small steps to walking to full blown running. You loved to be chased, but love to chase Olive even more. You have added more words to your vocabulary. One that makes your dad and I laugh each time you say it is "whoa". I guess you are at the point now were we need to watch what we say. You love to eat bananas and yogurt. You have a little monkey, Lovey, that tries to go everywhere you go. You continue to enjoy reading and being read to. You love to stand on the step stool in the kitchen and look out the window (especially when Olive is outside). You can go from laughing to crying in a blink of an eye.  I go from your hero to zero in a blink of an eye, too. You know how to shake your head "no" and do it as needed. You love to play with anything that has buttons, lights up or makes noise (i.e. cell phones, remotes, Wii, blue-ray player). You love to run around naked when getting ready for the bath. You love to play with your toys in the bath and have your favorites (crabby and duck).  You use your left hand/arm to throw things with and like to use your right hand for eating. You are becoming more familiar with using utensils.
15 months

 The morning moments are my favorite moments with you. You usually wake up with a smile on your face and that puts a smile on my face.  Even when you have a grumpy morning (we all have those) it still makes my heart warm to see you standing up in your crib waiting for a good morning hug.  While I love that you are growing, becoming independent and letting your personality shine through, I often stop and take a mental photo of you, your smile, your fuzzy bed head because I know at some point you won't want me to give you a good morning hug.  I am looking forward to see how much you grow and change in the next three months! I love you sweet boy!  (to the moon & back!)

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