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Thursday, February 10, 2011


There are a few new tidbits going on in the Gregory home. Thought I would share:

1. Mama got a new job! Yahoo! I start my new position at NorthEast Parent and Child Society on February 28th. While I am very excited about taking on this new challenge, I also am a bit anxious. Change is good!

2. We are a pacifier free home! Liam has been doing great this week with going to bed without a pacifier. That is the only time he has been using it, so we were unsure of how he would be without it at all. So far, so good. I have thrown out his pacifiers to reduce temptation to just give it to him. He has been fussing a bit once he is put down for the night, but usually doesn't fuss for too long. I think Lovey has been helpful with getting rid of the pacifier, since all he ever wants is Lovey.  

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