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Sunday, May 22, 2011

18 months

Dear Liam,

Happy 18th Month! I feel like you just turned one and here we are, half way to turning two. I suppose now when I am asked how old you are, I should say that you are one year and a half old, rather than saying 18 months. I have gone from describing your age from weeks to months and now years.

Your smile is filling in with teeth. Your hair continues to be curly. Your dad and I are constantly thinking about having it cut, but then we realize how adorable you are with those curls. You give lots of hugs and pats on the back. You have your own little language that your dad and I understand. One of my favorites is one you say "who dat?"( I think you are secretly a Saints fan).You think that running after Olive is the funniest thing ever. You are obsessed with Elmo. You love to dance and sing along with Elmo. You enjoy riding in your wagon and being outdoors. You share and are kind to your friends at daycare. You love it when I do "little piggies". You are so ticklish (this you get from your dad). You love to eat tomatoes. You love fizzy water.  You love having books read to you. You love to read books yourself. You think saying moo moo is funny. I can't wait to see how much you change in the next six months...

You are an adorable little boy, who is the apple of my eye. Your dad and I went to a wedding over the weekend and we talked about how someday we may be celebrating at your wedding. I wonder if we will do the traditional mother/son dance, I wonder who you will marry, or even if you will choose to get married.  I hope your dad and I give can give you an idea of  what a happy, healthy, respectful, loving idea of what a marriage really can be. As always, we will be happy with whatever choices you make in life, as long as those choices make you happy.  I know right now your choices consist of choosing which fruit to eat or which toy to bring with you outside...but as you get older those choices will become more difficult. It always seems like the most important choices are usually the most difficult.

Happy 18th Month, Liam! You continue to amaze me on a daily basis. Thank you for making me such a happy mama.

I love you (to the moon & back)!


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