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Monday, May 30, 2011


On Saturday Rensselaer hosted it's annual Memorial Day Parade. It was the first for us to attend and we were excited about seeing Liam's reaction to the parade. Well first off...it was boiling out. Hot, sweaty, sunny and me do not mix. Fortunately we found a shaded spot to sit in. Secondly, there was this family that came along, also trying to squeeze in our shaded area. There was a little girl with the family, 5 at most, who came right up to us & started talking. You could tell the rest of the people she was with really didn't mind her annoying talking to us, because she wasn't bothering them. Long story short, she showed Andrew her boots, which she described to him as "stripper boots". OMG.  3. The parade was major lame. There wasn't even one person riding a horse. Liam wasn't all that thrilled with the parade, can't say I blame him. But he can thank the City of Rensselaer for giving him his first lollipop. The kid is quick. He was holding it in his hand and the next thing I knew he removed the wrapper and was trying to figure out how to eat it.
The poor kid was covered in spf

My face is almost as red as the wagon.

Liam and Andrew

The only cool part of the parade

Waving the flag

Enjoying the mystery flavor

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