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Monday, June 13, 2011

guess what...

we bought this weekend. A pony? No. A new car? No. Another dog? No. Okay, okay, I know the suspense is killing you...

We bought:

A commode for Liam!  
 So here it is. The start of a journey that I am so looking forward to. Lets just say that my wallet is also looking forward to the end of this journey. Diapers are expensive and frankly I think the next time around I may look into cloth diapers (this is probably news for the Mr.). Anyhow here is how we ended up with this bad boy.

Andrew and I have slowly been introducing Liam to the toilet. We encourage him to explore it (there are limits) and to get use to the sounds it makes and what it is used for. So maybe about a month ago Liam pointed to his butt and said "poop". And of course there was a nice present waiting inside his diaper for me. Then he started to show an interest in sitting on the toilet. So before his baths we would let him sit on the toilet. Nothing ever happened on the toilet. Often he would spray down the bathroom once he was off the toilet. Okay so on Friday, I am in the bathroom getting ready and he comes running in full steam and is doing everything and anything to get his diaper off. So off goes the diaper and I put him on the toilet. Nothing, but it was exciting for Andrew and I . Do I think this kid is ready to be potty trained- probably not. Do I think he is associating pooping and the toilet- maybe.  Do I think this was a coincidence- sure.

So off to the land of researching a potty for Liam. First let me just say that Kohler should just produce a toilet for kids- something that resembles a real life toilet. So there are probably hundreds thousands of potty seats. Holy Potty Seats.  I am not sure what goes on in your house, but I know in my house my toilet does not sing to me, dance, cheer, ring bells or have the name "Princess" all over it.  To each their own. I wanted something basic, easy to clean, easy to use, nothing that had a padded seat that played music when you sit on it and something that looked somewhat like a toilet. Sounds easy, right?

So I found something that not only was simple, easy to clean, no music or padded seat AND got great reviews (esp. for boys because of the splash guard). Nothing has happened in it, yet. So I expect something to happen in it- not right now. Liam loves to sit on it. I think because two of his favorite things are involved...being naked and reading books.  He actually started to cry when it was time to get off the potty (four books later) and time to get dressed. And if Elmo somehow gets involved, this kid is going to be a happy pooper.

So here we go on this journey into underoos, pull ups and lots of poopy pants. I think our wallets will feel relief,  but becoming potty trained is going to give Liam such a sense of independence and pride. I can't wait for the first time something does happen in his potty. I know what my reaction will be, I wonder what his will be.

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