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Saturday, June 18, 2011

troy and co.

We hit up the Troy Farmer's Market today. We brought home the most delicious strawberries I have ate in the past decade. delicious.  We also went to the River Street Fest. It was a beautiful day to be strolling around River St.  We ended our afternoon with tattoos...

We tried out Dinosaur BBQ (DBBQ) for lunch. Liam was over tired, hot and hungry...sounds like the perfect recipe for an atomic meltdown.  Let me just start off my review of DBBQ with this statement: I don't care if the hostess is a major in childhood development. I know my kid...actually I know my kid better than any text book info you have read. So when I say, please no crayons, please respect that and don't try to get into a conversation about childhood development and what you think is best for MY kid.  Mmmmkay, thx. Don't piss off the mama.  So after that nonsense, we were given temporary tattoos. I have a new appreciation for temp. tatts. This silly little dinosaur kept Liam from having a meltdown while we waited for our food. He was so excited about it that it encouraged me to put one on. Well Liam trying to put it on my arm and saying "elp eww?" (translation: help you) helped. As expected, the food was great. I was limited as to what I could eat since I have been without beef or pork...I will say the mac and cheese is pretty fantastic. Liam chowed down and remained meltdown free. Other than the childhood development major, it was a nice experience for us. And did I mention that the mac and cheese was amazing?

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