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Monday, October 15, 2012

bob the builder

I avoid anything Bob the Builder and Thomas the Train at all costs.  Because those creatures are freaking creepy. I put them into the porcelain doll creepy category. Liam gets so offended when I refer to Bob or Thomas as a creeper. And honestly, the shows are lame-o.

Liam loves to sing "Bob The Builder, Can we fix it? YES we can!". So I have taken it upon myself to switch it up a bit" Bob the Builder, Is he creepy? YES he is!"  Which outrages Liam.  Which makes me chuckle a little bit on the inside.

However on Sunday when Liam was suppose to be having "rest" time I over heard Liam singing " Bob the Builder, Is he creepy? YES he is!". (insert evil laugh here).  Next mission- to take down Thomas...

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