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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I can hardly believe tomorrow is my birthday. I can hardly believe that January is more than half way over. I can hardly believe that I have been so lazy with this blog, with life, with everything.

I feel like we have been on GO non stop since 01.01.13. Probably because we have been. We have been trying to fill our time with fun stuff. Like…tubing down my parent’s front lawn,

 going to the museum to see the train display,

 getting sucked into American Horror Story (season 1 is on Netflix. Andrew & I are hooked and I spend half the episode peeking over the blanket that is covering my eyes), playing with trains and making “train repairs” and simply enjoying each other.

I finally figured out my resolutions for the year (things I should already be doing)…keep it simple & enjoying life, starting my own happiness project and reminding myself to breathe and to let it go.  I also hope to be better with keeping up with this blog…I think I say that every year. Hopefully this will be the year.

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