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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

resolutions in reveiw

 Taking a looking back at last year's resolutions, I realized I did not do well with keeping or even remembering them:
1. Trim the fat- aka losing that debt that has been following me around for a bit. If all goes as planned, we should be credit card debt free in 2013.-This one I did keep & I am happy to say that a lot of progress has been made with this one. Still not 100% credit card debt free, but much closer to it & our savings account is much healthier. I need to give a little bit of thanks to our financial guy who has made us even more determined to reach our financial goals.

2. Trim the fat- aka losing some weight & getting healthier. I need to begin to treat my body & mind better. 2012 will be the year (seriously). I get a big fat F for this goal...

3. Ride the bike. Can't wait to spring ahead so I can get out in the mornings and ride the bike. Goal is 300 miles this summer. I didn't even come close to 300 miles. I have a bunch of excuses I could give ...but really, I didn't do it! & this would have been an easy one.

4. Recycle, more. For a family of 3 + a dog, I feel like we create way too much garbage. Lots more recycling, reusing and less waste.We have made a better effort with this, but I know we can do even better.

This year's resolutions TBD....


  1. ha! I have my own list of failed attempts as well.... I'm becoming much more comfortable with "false promises" I make to myself each year though... as long as the intent is there, it proves we recognize ourselves as evolving creatures of habit, and that there is plenty of time left to evolve away from the habit.... a year is far too short!