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Monday, February 22, 2010

3 months.

Happy 3 months, Sweet Baby! This past month was a busy month for you. You experienced a lot of new things, new faces and places. You have also started to sleep through the night. My favorite new thing you have started is greeting me in the morning with that sweet smile of yours, which makes my heart melt . You also have a contagious little giggle. Tummy time is still frustrating at times, but you do such a great job when you are not frustrated. You love to spend time looking in the mirror and "talking" to your reflection. I sometimes spy on you doing that. Your dad and I have discovered that you are a Beatles fan. Your dad thinks it is because he sang Beatles' songs to you during your first days of life. I think you are simply one. cool. kid. Thank you for making me one happy mama; you are one amazing little boy who has reminded me that simple things in life are sometimes the best things.

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