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Sunday, February 28, 2010

side to side

This morning I put Liam on his boppy play mat to have some fun while I cleaned up the kitchen and Andrew took the pugs for their morning stroll. Liam enjoys making all sorts of sounds these days. I noticed that it got pretty quite so I popped my head in the living room and found this:

Liam rolled onto his side.
(please note, the pink pig belongs to Olive)

He was just laying there, looking around and grasping at the hanging toys. I thought that it was definitely a fluke, so I rolled him back onto his back.

And watched & waited.

And he did it again. This time Andrew and I watched as he maneuver his legs and rolled himself onto his side. We were hoping he would complete his roll and land on his belly, but he didn't. We were pretty excited about the half roll.

All that rolling is exhausting!

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