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Thursday, February 18, 2010

flash friday

What a BUSY week! First week back to work. First week of daycare. First week trying to figure out our schedules to make enough time for Liam, pugs and each other. First week is over and we have several, several more to survive.

Honestly, the first week went much better than I expected. Dropping Liam off at daycare wasn 't easy, nor was returning to work. Having a happy baby waiting for me at the end of the work day is a huge motivation to get through the day. Life is pretty amazing, but I wonder how much more amazing it would be if I could add five hours to each day. If only, right.

Anyhow, here are this weeks pics. I apologize that some pics are blurry; as I took those with my cell phone. enjoy and happy weekend!

bumbo time!

small paul

intense swing time.

first day

nom, nom, nom.

welcome back flowers.

my guys.

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