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Thursday, April 22, 2010

5 months.

Happy 5th month of life, Liam! This past month was very busy for you. With family and friends, we celebrated your baptism, you started cereal, you are a busy little guy in your jumper, your were sick and you desperately have been trying to sit up on your own. And my most favorite thing you have done are this past month is say"mom". Well at least that is what it sounds like and I will take it! You have grown so much this month. Things that did not fit you two weeks ago because they were too big are now too small for you. Sitting in my arms in our favorite chair, you no longer need your head supported and you practically fill my lap. You remain  curious with the world that surrounds you and you giggle at the pugs.

I love that your are growing and your personality is emerging. Everyday you have the ability to not only make my heart melt & make my eyes a bit teary, but you also make me laugh..hard. While I don't want to rush time, I simply can not wait to see who you will be, what you will do, what you will like or dislike, and if you will be left handed (my fingers are crossed). No matter what you do, who you will be, what you like or not, I know you will always continue to make me a proud mama.

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