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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


We always have craziness consistency in our lives, especially when it involves an important day, memory, holiday, etc... For example, when the priest who married Andrew and I announced us as husband and wife...he said "I now introduce Mr. & Mrs. David Gregory". Silence in the church and an embarrassed priest. Granted, Andrew's middle name is David. But I must say, Andrew's Uncle David definitely perked right up in the his pew. lol. Anyhow,  Andrew received a phone call Saturday afternoon informing him that Mother Ginny (who was to baptize Liam that evening) was at the emergency room after falling and seriously injuring her foot. Fortunately, the church was able to call in Mother Karen to perform the baptism. While the important part was that the baptism was still going to happen, we were disappointed that Mth. Ginny would not be able to perform the baptism.

We had a small gathering at our home to celebrate Liam's baptism before the actual baptism. It was nice to see our friends and family. And the weather was fabulous. The baptism went well despite the church was a trillion degrees and everyone was pretty much a wet rag by the time the baptism was finished. Liam was a champ and made a small fuss when the water touched his head. Despite the change in plans, it went well and we ended the night with some yummy cake.

Mother Karen & Liam Charles
Us, Mth. Karen, Liam, 
& Liam's God Parents 
Jeff & Robyn(with Sir Gherks)

Liam (may or may not be picking his nose), Aunt Eliza and Andrew
Grandma Mary, Grandpa Peter & Grandma Kerry, Grandpa Gene

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