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Thursday, July 22, 2010

8 months

Happy 8th Month Liam!! So here we are, another month has flew by. You have mastered the art of crawling. Not only do you crawl, you sprint when you crawl. You have also mastered the skill of pulling yourself up onto something in order to stand. You don't care what you are holding onto for balance, as long as you can use it to pull yourself up to stand (including the dogs). Swimming "lessons" are going fantastic. You enjoy being in the water, splashing and kicking. You talk in your own little language, but it is fun to have conversations with you.  "Dada" is a new favorite word you use. You are still testing out new foods. High on the list is yogurt and whole wheat bagels.

You still are sleeping through the night (which your dad and I really appreciate!).  When we wake up in the morning, your dad and I go into your room to catch you sleeping, it is so peaceful to watch. We have been giggling in the mornings lately because we find you all snuggled up next to Sock Monkey. Still no teeth, but there is one tooth on the bottom that is pretty much playing peek-a-boo with us. We can see it, but it just really needs to pop through your gums.  You are showing a little bit of independence when you play with your toys. You look when your name is called and you even reach out to be picked up sometimes.

How much more wonderful can this get? You continue to amaze me each and everyday. You continue to make me so proud to be your mom. I can only hope that one day (in the far off future) you will get to experience the joy of becoming a parent. Maybe then you could somewhat understand how much love I have for you and how some days my heart feels like it may burst with love.


Happy 8 months, Liam!! I love you...

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