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Sunday, July 18, 2010

status: big boy

Someone is growing up way.too.fast. Liam is now able to sit in a high chair while we dine at restaurants (sound so fancy...hardly). He enjoyed himself this morning when the three of us met up with Jeff and Robyn for bacon breakfast.We stuffed ourselves silly and Liam had a ball. I think he was mostly interested in Robyn because he has that baby sense...he may have been sending Baby D. some super secret messages (i.e.- hurry up and get here already...the monster trucks await!).

 Liam has his first taste of yogurt this weekend, too. Yo!Baby may be one of Liam's all time favorites. He also snacked on a whole wheat mini bagel. That was pretty entertaining to watch. He munched and munched on the bagel and then would chomp and chomp his jaws.

Liam has also started to say "dadadada". Which is pretty cute to hear. I think Andrew has been trying to get Liam to say "dada" since Liam entered this world (almost 8 months ago). Here is a small video of that cute little voice.

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  1. Awww...I cannot believe what a big boy Liam is now!! He was so good at breakfast and just such a doll! Hopefully some of the vibes he sent baby D will work!!!!