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Sunday, July 25, 2010

weekend edition

Liam playing some tunes on piano
Don't even think about coming in here, Olive!
8 months old...where did my baby go?
Ready to conquer the day
Weekends are really the best. We get to do all sorts of fun stuff and the boring usual stuff some how fits in there too (laundry, yard work, cleaning, etc.). Weekends are also when Liam gets to experiment with new foods. Just in case there is any funky reaction. On the menu this week was maple flavored puffs, turkey and rice dinner (pureed) and he may or may not have had a taste of an oatmeal raisin cookie.

I also think he may have figured out which one of us is "dada". Liam will usually say dada when Andrew is not around and then when Andrew appears, Liam gets very happy. I keep reminding Liam that just like Andrew and I are not suppose to have a favorite child, he is not suppose to have a favorite parent. But I guess it is good he likes at least one of us.


Swim class was pretty great this week and Liam wanted to continue the splashing when we got back home. Not only did he splash, but he was a true boy. He got on the ground, rolled around in the grass (even though there was a blanket for him) and of course was covered in cut grass and dirt. This kid had pieces of grass, everywhere. He did not mind one bit and of course he eventually got a bath...which meant more splashing. 

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