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Saturday, September 4, 2010

my maine boy

We survived our 1st family summer vacation. And let me tell you, we had a blast! Even though all three of us were sick the whole time, there was the threat of Hurricane Earl and 90 plus degree temperatures tried to stop us, we did not let it. The backyard of our cottage was the beach. I must admit, I was anxious that Andrew and I would be running around the beach chasing after Liam the whole time, rather than relaxing. I was wrong. I think Liam knew right away that the beach was meant for relaxing.
snoozing on the beach
I enjoyed Maine. I loved the beach & ocean. I loved swimming in the pool, ocean was too cold. I loved spending 24/7 with Andrew and Liam. I loved that Liam would say "mama" and reach for me. I loved that Liam laughed more than he cried (well, until the nasty ear infection joined us for vacation). I love that Liam adores his dad.  I love that Andrew can always make me laugh. even if it is laughing at him. I love that Liam can make Andrew and I laugh, more than we ever expected. Vacations are great,and now with Liam, vacations are just the best.


While we were disappointed that our trip ended a few days early, we had a lot of fun and were left with a lot of memories.

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