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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Zeppy update.

We learned from Zeppelin's foster mom that he is adjusting well. He has made a new BFF, Vinny, who is also another black pug. From what she has shared, wherever Zeppelin goes, so does Vinny and vice versa. Zeppelin has also mastered the doggie door 75%. She told Andrew that Zeppelin's first night he cried a bit but once he was able to go into her old daughter's room, he was fine. The pugs there also get to sleep on the couch at night, so I am sure Zeppelin is in heaven. She wrote a really nice bio about Zepp on the Green Mountain Pug Rescue page. This past weekend there was a pug festival...so hopefully this helped with finding Zeppelin's forever family.

We will always look back on our time with Zeppelin with love.
 Surprisingly, Olive is adjusting really well. I think she enjoys being the only dog. We are able to give her more time and love and of course she has gotten way too many treats. Olive has turned into a calm dog. I know, I know, Olive, as a calm dog is an oxymoron. Andrew and I think that since she is the only dog, there is no more competition so she feels more comfortable. She doesn't seem depressed, either. Her mood is happy, playful and has a lot of love to share.



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