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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

chocolate milk

I am home today with Liam. There is a week lapse from when daycare #3 ended and daycare #4 begins. I really enjoy being home with him. I felt bad for most of the morning, as all Liam kept saying was "dada??daaaadaaaa!!!". So I had to pull out the big guns today- well at least try to.

Liam and I went to visit daycare #4 today. It is ran very similar to a real school. I like that and I don't like that. He seemed to warm right up to his new friends. We did go when it was gym time and then water play time. So how could a kid not enjoy that. I think he had fun...the whole ride back home in his wet clothes he chanted "happy, happy, happy".

I thought because he was a great little guy during our grocery shopping adventure (minus the mini melt down over not being able to eat the blueberries and then the tomatoes and then the bananas and then the apples) and doing so well at the new daycare I would share some of my chocolate milk with him. The kid does not like chocolate milk. He drank it down, make an awful face and gave me his cup back.  Hopefully the sprinkler park will make up for it this afternoon.

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