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Sunday, July 31, 2011


Since we are not taking our official summer vacation until after September, and I have been itching for a summer vacation that includes the beach...we packed the car this morning and headed to the beach. While it wasn't the ocean, there was still plenty of sand, sun screen, snacks, sun and fun. We found a little gem not too far from home, but far enough.

This past week Liam has been extremely afraid of the bath tub when it is" bub-bub" time. We are not sure what the reason behind this is or how long it is going to last. He will stand and shower, but sitting in the water, not so much.  So I was curious to see how he would react to the beach. Here are the results in photos:

he loved it...

and wanted "more & more" (his words)

fluffy clouds
 And when it came to leave, his little heart broke and tears fell down his cheeks. As soon as we were on the road, he was out. We took the long way home.

And when it came to bath time tonight, he was in love again. I suppose tomorrow night will be another story.

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