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Sunday, September 4, 2011


There is an epidemic going on in this house. It is called Yo Gabba Gabba. Liam is obsessed. He would eat sleep and breathe YGG if allowed. Since he has been doing so well with sleeping in his bed and staying in his bed and really just being a good kid I decided to buy him something a little special...

Please meet Brobee...the Green guy. As you can tell Liam really, really likes stuffed animals. See that little brown, dingy dog on Liam's lap...that is Bobby, who was my stuffed animal. Bobby is a senior citizen at this point and Liam loves him and somehow sneaked him home with us the last time we visited my mom & dad.

So back to YGG. YGG has so much of an influence on Liam that some times when Liam is not listening or doing things he should not be doing (i.e. trying to ride Olive) I often say I am going to call Muno  to see what Muno thinks about Liam's choices. This has been working pretty well. I also say that I am going to call Muno to let him know when Liam is making really good choices.

Word on the street is that YGG is coming LIVE to Albany in October....Andrew and I are still deciding if we should go. We are unsure of 1. Will Liam be able to sit through the show? 2. Will Liam be so excited that he passes out? I also heard that some of the tickets come with back stage passes so you can do your own dancey dance&  have your photos taken with YGG.

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