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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


When I went to pick Liam up from daycare today he thought it would be funny to hide in the teepee. This week's theme at daycare is exploring different types of housing...hence the huge teepee in the room. There is this little girl in the class, we will call her D. I call her "mother hen". She often will announce my arrival and tell Liam that I am there to get him. That happened today.She is sweet, but a bit overwhelming at times. She was being playful with Liam and telling him he had to go. He thought it was funny to hide in the teepee. I go over. almost in the teepee to convince him to come out because it was time to go home. He wasn't having it. D. started to tell him he had to go. And the next thing I knew his face was in her hands and her lips were on his face. Pissed Kissed in the teepee. That got him out ASAP.

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